The etc. Mentor System

Director Mike O’Mara is present at all ensemble classes, offering his 15+ years of professional teaching experience in piano, voice, composition, music theory, theater and curricular development to the proceedings.

Assisting him are a rotating of local arts professionals and dedicated high-school mentors. There are always 3 and never more than 5 teachers/mentors in every studio with our ensemble students at any time, including director Mike.

The Mentor system at etc. Music School is unique in that it recognizes officially the importance of community in a ‘community music school’. It teaches older students how to lead and instruct others, giving them skills and experiences that will aid them no matter what career path they choose down the road while offering the younger students a chance to work side-by-side with the high-schoolers and college artists they are looking to emulate. Both sets of students learn from one other, growing closer in the process and building confidence and camaraderie for all.

Rather than punishing our most-accomplished and most-dedicated students by taking advantage of their eagerness to help out, the Mentor system recognizes them by offering an additional $125.00 per term off of their family’s etc. tuition for their service (each mentor must apply to come and help on 6 weeks of each term). With other etc. ‘loyalty discounts’, this could mean that as students get older and give back to the school, their term’s bill gets smaller and smaller while their influence grows and grows!

For more information on the high-school Mentor program, please contact Director Mike O’Mara at