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Course Offerings

Click to view/download PDF info. sheet for our upcoming term: etc Music School Class Offerings, Fall term 2014

We are happy to announce etc. Music School’s Fall Term ’14 Offerings!
Registration is now open; e-mail etcmusicschool@gmail.com to register!

Regular Class offerings, Fall Term 2014:

1. Private lessons (piano starting at age 6; voice beginning age 10, composition beginning age 10):
Weekly private study will be available in piano, voice and composition.

Private lessons will be available in 30-min., 45-min. and 60-min. increments, with the following pricing:
$50 per 30-min. lesson
$65 per 45-min. lesson
$75 per 60-min. lesson

Pay by the month (4 weeks) or by term (12 weeks).

$50.00 off lessons if paid for a full term in advance (by Sept 1, 2014)!
etc. Loyalty Promotion: $50.00 off private lessons if your student is also enrolled in The etc Choir, etc KidShows or etc Presents!

2. The etc. Choir (grades 7-12): The cornerstone of etc., The etc. Choir (grades 7-12) is the main community performance and fundraising wing of the etc. experience.

The mission of the etc. Choir is to instill a love of vocal music within the ensemble through positive, focused rehearsals and to engage and support our communities through polished performance of eclectic and challenging repertoire.
Note: 75% of the revenue of every paid gig the etc. Choir performs will go directly to the etc. Scholarship Fund to allow students who otherwise could not afford it access to etc.’s programming.

Regular rehearsals: Saturdays, 5-8 P.M. at the Noyes Cultural Center
Pricing: $300 per student/12-week term

etc. Loyalty Promotion: $50.00 off enrollment if also enrolled in etc private lessons or etc. Presents!


3. etc TinyShows (grades K-3): “etc TinyShows” are a fantastic introduction to the etc. Music School learning and creating method for younger students. “Mentor-Buddies” taken from the older teen members of the etc  community work with director Mike in creating a 20-30 minute original musical with the students, getting their ideas and created characters through fun, interactive theater and music games that stress the celebration of participation and imagination. Our performance will take place during class time on the final class day!

Regular rehearsals: Saturdays, 10 A.M. -11 A.M. at the Noyes Cultural Center
Pricing: $175 per student/12-week term

4. etc KidShows (grades 4-6): “etc KidShows” are shorter one-act pieces of musical theater crafted for and with young people. With the help of director Mike, teen members of the etc  Presents and Choir communities serve as mentors to  younger budding performers, and together they create original scenes and songs for the 4-6th graders to perform, involving the older students in learning about teaching while giving the younger an opportunity to stretch their creative wings!

Regular rehearsals: Saturdays, 11 A.M. -2 P.M. at the Noyes Cultural Center

Fall term. tech week: December 8 – December 10, 2014
Fall term Shows: December 11-13, 2014
Pricing: $300 per student/12-week term (plus 4 tech. nights, 4 shows)

etc. Loyalty Promotion: $50.00 off enrollment in etc.KidShows if also enrolled in etc private lessons!

5. etc Presents (grades 7-12):
“etc Presents” are mainstage, original musicals created with high-schoolers, for high-schoolers, about topics high-schoolers are interested in. We meet each weekend to rehearse a living, breathing new work each term, in which the writers and composers themselves are on-hand – and often involved themselves – and able to see first-hand what is working and what is not, making for an exciting learning AND teaching experience for all!

Regular rehearsals: Saturdays, 2-5 P.M. at the Noyes Cultural Center

Fall term. Tech week: December 15 – December 17, 2014
Fall term Shows:  December 18-20, 2014
Pricing: $300 per student/12-week term (plus 3 tech. nights, 4 shows)

etc. Loyalty Promotion: $50.00 off enrollment in etc. Presents if also enrolled in etc private lessons or the etc. Choir!

Ongoing Opportunities (Free of charge to etc Students):

1. Jam session opportunities: ‘etc’ will always be open to allow students the opportunity to bring their band in to practice or audition to perform with the etc. Choir or etc. Presents. As long as one of the members is an ‘etc’ young artist, they are welcome!

2. Community Performances: The Evanston Teen Choir at ‘etc’ will constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to engage and inspire our communities, and will perform several times a term. We will also make good use of our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets to best connect with our communities, especially young people, and engage them with what we are doing at ‘etc’.

3. Monthly “SONG JAM” Music Nights: ‘etc’ holds a monthly open-mic “Song Jam”, whereby ‘etc’ students can showcase their own music or their favorite music with professional accompaniment and student-sourced p.r. support!


Academic Calendar: Fall term, 2014:

Monday, Sept. 8: Fall term begins for all private lessons/Workshops/classes
Saturday, Oct. 4: NO classes or private lessons (Yom Kippur observed)
Sunday, Nov. 23 – Sunday, Nov. 30: NO classes or private lessons (Thanksgiving Break)

KidShows tech. week: December 8-10
KidShows shows: December 11-13
Presents tech. week: December 15-17
Presents Shows: December 18-20

Sunday, December 21: End of Fall ‘14 term


Additional All-School Promotions:

- Enrollment in ANY etc program area allows students access to Jam Session and “Song Jam” sign-ups throughout the term and two free tickets per student to distribute as they wish to every etc. Presents production!
– Any family referring a new family will net the referrer and referee $75.00 off their next term’s bill!


Contact Us:
Any questions are welcome at etcmusicschool@gmail.com or directly to Founder and Director Mike O’Mara at mrmikeomara@gmail.com. We’d love to speak with you!

Please Note: Scholarship options are available for students in need! We do NOT turn anyone away for inability to pay. Please contact director Mike at etcmusicschool@gmail.com with possible scholarship inquiries!

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